Mistakes To Avoid While Making Dosa


Welcome to the world of dosa making! Avoid these common mistakes to make the perfect dosa every time.


Slide number=1. Not soaking the rice and lentils for at least 6 hours can result in a thick and lumpy batter.


Slide number=2. Adding too much water to the batter can make the dosa soggy and difficult to spread.


Slide number=3. Using a cold pan can cause the dosa to stick and burn. Always heat the pan before pouring the batter.


Slide number=4. Not spreading the batter evenly can result in unevenly cooked dosas. Use a ladle to spread the batter in a circular motion.


Slide number=5. Adding too much oil to the pan can make the dosa greasy and unhealthy. Use a non-stick pan and only a small amount of oil.


Slide number=6. Not flipping the dosa at the right time can result in a burnt or undercooked dosa. Flip when the edges start to turn golden brown.


Slide number=7. Overfilling the dosa with filling can make it difficult to roll and can cause it to break. Use a moderate amount of filling.


Slide number=8. Not letting the dosa cook for long enough can result in a raw and doughy center. Cook until the edges are crispy and the center is cooked.


Slide number=9. Lastly, do not forget to season the pan with a few drops of oil before making each dosa. This will prevent sticking and ensure a perfect dosa every time. Happy dosa making!