8 Types Of Halwa To Try This Season


Welcome to the world of halwa! This season, indulge in the sweet and rich flavors of these 8 types of halwa. Get ready to satisfy your cravings!


Slide into the deliciousness of Badam Halwa, made with almonds, ghee, and sugar. This melt-in-your-mouth dessert is a must-try for all sweet lovers.


Next up, we have the classic Gajar Halwa, made with grated carrots, milk, and sugar. This winter delicacy will warm your heart and taste buds.


For a fruity twist, try the Mango Halwa, made with ripe mangoes, semolina, and milk. It's a burst of tropical flavors in every bite.


Feeling adventurous? Give the Beetroot Halwa a try. This vibrant dessert is made with grated beetroots, milk, and sugar, and is a treat for the eyes and taste buds.


Indulge in the rich and creamy taste of Moong Dal Halwa, made with yellow lentils, ghee, and sugar. It's a popular dessert in North India and for good reason!


For a nutty and crunchy experience, try the Dry Fruit Halwa, made with a variety of nuts, ghee, and sugar. It's a perfect blend of textures and flavors.


End your halwa journey with the decadent and aromatic Shahi Tukda Halwa, made with bread, milk, and saffron. It's a royal treat for your taste buds.


That's not all! There are many more types of halwa to explore and enjoy. So go ahead and try them all this season and satisfy your sweet tooth.


Hope you enjoyed this mouth-watering journey of halwa. Don't forget to share your favorite halwa with us in the comments below. Happy indulging!