7 Foods That Mughal Emperor Akbar Loved To Relish


Welcome to the world of Mughal emperor Akbar, where food was an integral part of his life. Let's explore the 7 foods that he loved to relish.


Akbar's love for food was evident in his royal kitchen, where chefs prepared mouth-watering dishes fit for a king.


First on the list is the famous Mughlai dish, Biryani. Akbar's personal favorite, this aromatic rice dish was made with a variety of spices and succulent pieces of meat.


Next up is the rich and creamy Shahi Tukda, a dessert made with bread, milk, and dry fruits. Akbar had a sweet tooth and this dish satisfied his cravings.


No Mughal feast was complete without the iconic dish, Nihari. Slow-cooked for hours, this meat dish was a delicacy that Akbar loved to indulge in.


Another dish that Akbar couldn't resist was the flavorful and spicy Rogan Josh. Made with tender pieces of meat and a blend of spices, this dish was a staple in the Mughal kitchen.


Akbar was also fond of the popular street food, Chaat. This tangy and savory snack was a favorite among the Mughal royals and Akbar was no exception.


One of the most unique dishes that Akbar loved was the Murgh Musallam. A whole chicken stuffed with aromatic spices and cooked to perfection, this dish was fit for a king.


Last but not least, Akbar had a weakness for the rich and creamy Mughlai Korma. Made with a variety of meats and a blend of spices, this dish was a must-have at every royal banquet.


Thank you for joining us on this culinary journey through Akbar's favorite foods. We hope you enjoyed learning about the Mughal emperor's love for food. Until next time, happy eating!